PT Nissin Transport Indonesia
PT Nissin Transport Indonesia

PT Nissin Transport Indonesia

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Kolaborasi antara PT Nissin Transport Indonesia dan LindungiHutan

Nissin corporation was founded in 1938 as a domestic in-harbor transport company in Yokohama, Japan’s main gateaway to the World. It has since expanded to cater to the logistics needs of the Ports of Kobe, Osaka and Chiba. As japan developed into a world economic power and its transportation needs became more advanced and complex, Nissin faced the rising need to improve both its systems and facilities. In 1968 it began offering comprehensive global logistics services, an entirely new category of service, and it now operates in Japan and 23 other countries. Together with LindungiHutan, PT Nissin Transport Indonesia continues to engage in CSR and business activities with a commitment to help overcome these social problems. Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) located in North Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta was chosen as the planting location. PIK has become a center for ecotourism and mangrove conservation. Conservation activities are carried out because PIK is an abrasion stronghold area for the coast of Jakarta. With this conservation center, it is hoped that tidal flooding on the coast of Jakarta can be suppressed. Keep up with PT Nissin Transport's updates on their official website baca selengkapnya
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