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10 Degree Solar Pte Ltd

10 Degree Solar Pte Ltd

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Kolaborasi antara 10 Degree Solar Pte Ltd dan LindungiHutan

10 Degree Solar Pte Ltd is the #1 Trusted Solar Installer by Architects in Singapore. We have been growing in both size and reputation at an astonishing rate. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with. We are a team of renewable energy professionals that are committed to changing lives. We strive for a win-win situation whereby everyone can benefit from clean energy. Because we believe that the word of mouth is the strongest form of advertisement. 10 Degree Solar has also partnered up with a reputable electrical contractor, JJ&K Engineering Pte Ltd to ensure we have an experienced workforce. We also have a broad list of tier 1 suppliers to choose from ensuring competitive pricing for our customers. Our team of engineers will design the most optimized solution on your rooftop. Moreover, we diversify into other energy solutions such as electric vehicle charging, energy storage solutions, dan smart energy for energy-saving management. This is the Future of Energy and we are ready to share it with you. Together with LindungiHutan, 10 Degree Solar planted mangroves on the Pengarengan Coast, Cirebon Regency, West Java. The location is adjacent to the industry and ponds. One of the areas becomes a place where garbage flows, thereby disrupting the ecosystem. Planting needs to be done a lot to maintain the ecosystem on the Pengarengan Coast. Abrasion and rob continue to have an impact on this ecosystem, several unique fauna in West Java, such as the Java Lekok, have been found there, which is an important requirement that this area needs to be protected. LindungiHutan helps the community to plant woody/fruit trees there. Mangrove trees are useful for protecting the land from abrasion by forming new sediments. In addition, mangrove products can also be used for processed businesses by the surrounding community. To see more about 10 Degree Solar here www.10degreesolar.com baca selengkapnya
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