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Mangroves for Muara Cisadane



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Jenis Pohon Tanam : Mangrove Rhizophora

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Batas Donasi: 28 Feb 2022

Penanaman: Sabtu, 19 Maret 2022

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Join me in planting mangroves for my 28th birthday, close to home in Muara Cisadane. For every tree you contribute I will match with one more (up to 280 trees).
If you search Sungai Cisadane/Cisadane River on the web, chances are you will see news of its degradation, drying up, filled with years of accumulation of household and chemical waste. Having lived in Tangerang Selatan most of my life, Sungai Cisadane has a bad rap in my memory as I have been hearing of its worsening pollution for the last two decades(!). Increased developments around the riverand manufacturing activities led to morewaste, which ended up replacing the estuary of the Cisadane river that used to be planted with mangroves into an island of trash.

These articles (in Indonesian) [1, 2] delve further into the deterioration of the rivers and its impact to the surrounding community -- paraphrasing the article, one member of the community feltthat he is "a victim of an ecological disaster". The community has suffered from lesser catchesand poorer water quality, as well as socioeconomic impact e.g.more expensive clean water (the river is clearly not fit for consumption) and disappearing coastal communities to urban developments. All thishasn't even yet considered erosion and rising sea levels.

Thus, I would like to invite you to join me in planting mangroves in Muara Cisadane and once again replace this island of trash with mangroves.

Mangrove trees have superpowers,btw, as they provide habitat formarine life (fish spawns, crabs, shrimps), are prolific carbon sequesters (up to 5x those of rainforests!), decelerates coastal erosion and provide livelihoods for surrounding communities.

So, lend me a hand and be a superhero of your ownby planting mangroves :) For every tree you plant, I will match with one more(up to 280 trees).

Thank you so much for this wonderful birthday gift.
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Pohon hidup : 865

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Perkembangan Pohon : 100%

Campaign telah dilaksanakan 13-05-2022

Mangroves for Muara Cisadane

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Hbd Cahya!
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Dian Kusumadewi

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Happy bday Cahya!! Dari Dian, Fikri, dan Ali ❤️


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