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Green Day, Sang Yun Day


Pulau Pari , Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu

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Jenis Pohon Tanam : Mangrove Rhizophora

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Batas Donasi: 31 Jul 2022

Penanaman: Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2022

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Celebrating Actor Lee Sang Yun’s birthday this year by giving back to the community! Planting trees to protect our earth and environment and to benefit our next generations!
Hi buddy,
Introducing, I am a fan of Sang Yun. I come from Singapore.

Currently our environmental conditions are getting worse due to global warming. Drought occurs in many places as well as increased air pollution.

My hope is that we can help the earth get healthy again by doing a fundraiser on Sang Yun's behalf.

The amount of donation needed to carry out tree planting and maintenance is
IDR 20,000/tree. We will planted Mangrove Tree for our Earth.

Pari Island is very threatened from the danger of abrasion that could make Pari Island disappear from the map. Until 2021, Protect the Forest has planted 140 trees in a 140 m2 area and absorbed 17 kg of CO2 ekv.

How to Donate ??
1. Click the “DONATE NOW” button
2. Enter the nominal to be donatedπ
3. Select the Bank transfer payment method (bank transfer BNI, Mandiri, BCA, BRI, BNI), Go-
Pay and Doku Wallet
4. Confirmation via WhatsApp, Website or E-mail
5. Done

You can also join the planting action by registering at
"Join Action" button, costs are borne by participants.
Best regards!!

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Pohon hidup : 31 Pohon mati : 44 Rata-rata tinggi pohon : 60 cm Diameter pohon : 4 cm Perkembangan Pohon : 41.55%

Pohon hidup : 31

Pohon mati : 44

Rata-rata tinggi pohon : 60 cm

Diameter pohon : 4 cm

Perkembangan Pohon : 41.55%

220104 - 3
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