BUMI Bulk Store and Refillery
BUMI Bulk Store and Refillery

BUMI Bulk Store and Refillery

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Kolaborasi antara BUMI Bulk Store and Refillery dan LindungiHutan

Bumi Bulk-store and Refillery, An Earth-Loving,Environment-Friendly, Cruelty-free store where you can easily shop over 200+ products! Bumi Bulk Store nd Refillery provide natural whole foods, spices, herbs, cooking liquids and oils, healthy snacks and sustainable product. Together with LIndungiHutan, BUMI initiated a nature campaign in Bedono Village. The area is in Demak Regency, Central Java, which is in the coastal area. This region has very prospective potential in the fields of fisheries, marine product cultivation, and marine tourism. Even so, the Demak Sea has a large risk of damage. With a potential sea level rise of up to 3 cm/year and land subsidence up to 25 cm/year, the Demak land is threatened with sinking in 10-20 years and has already submerged approximately 200 residents' houses, if there are no conservation and restoration actions, as well as regulations preventing continued destruction of the environment. BUMI's collaboration with LindungiHutan is a real step in protecting the environment and natural ecosystems. baca selengkapnya
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