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Kolaborasi antara Privy dan LindungiHutan

As the leading Digital Signature & Digital Identity provider in Indonesia, PrivyID has a mission to encourage people to reduce paper consumption for business landscape or working environment. Together with LindungiHutan, Privy initiated the "Choose Privy, Choose To Save Trees" nature campaign. The tree planting was carried out at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) which is an area that has become a stronghold of abrasion and erosion (soil erosion) in the coastal area of Jakarta. In PIK, there is a Mangrove forest tourism area which has an area of 99 hectares and 40% of the land in this forest area is used for the conservation of beautiful and natural mangrove forests. However, Jakarta remains a flood-prone area due to poor water absorption and rising sea levels. For this reason, LindungiHutan through the nature campaign will plant Mangrove Rhizophora trees which can deposit silt on the roots of mangrove trees thereby preventing seawater intrusion into the land. In addition, Rhizophora Mangrove has roots that can accelerate the decomposition of organic waste and chemical waste that can pollute the sea. Mangrove planting in this area is a defense measure against the risk of flooding in Jakarta. Privy's collaboration with LindungiHutan is a real step in protecting the environment and natural ecosystems. baca selengkapnya
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