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Pantai Mangunharjo , KOTA SEMARANG

Emisi Berkurang
52.7 Kg CO2eq
Donasi Pohon

53 Donatur

Jenis Pohon Tanam : Mangrove Rhizophora

178.4 pohon terkumpul dari 175 pohon

Batas Donasi: 20 Aug 2023

Penanaman: Senin, 25 September 2023

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Hi Teume! In order to celebrate Asahi's birthday on August 20, we’d like to invite you to participate in a tree planting project as a gift for Asahi.
We see that currently there is an environmental condition that needs help from all of you, Mangunharjo Beach, Semarang. We can see the conditions below:

Note: this is a photo of the condition of Mangunharjo Beach, the cause of this condition is the erosion of the Mangrove Forest area (damaged or even lost) causing impacts such as damage to the access road to the beach and loss of the coastline.We hope that, together we can help recover the beach by contribute in planting a mangrove tree to prevent abrasion.
The amount of donation needed to plant and care for trees is Rp. 20,000/tree.
Mangunharjo Beach, which is located in Tugu District, Semarang City, Central Java, has been working on pilot activities for ecosystem preservation for the surrounding area. This beach is also used for tourism activities because it has gentle waves. However, the coastline in this area is gradually shortening due to abrasion to the remaining 1 km from residential areas.
Mangrove will be planted in Mangunharjo Beach to trap soil sediment in the hope that a soil will hold back the waves. In addition, planting mangroves also serves aesthetics spot for tourist. Mangrove planting activity has been established by collaborating with the surrounding community since 2017.
Main Program: Planting mangrove tree to prevent abrasion and tidal flood.Additional Program:Building mangrove Ekowisata mangrove ecotourism.Why you should participate?Program participation at this location also supports Sustainable Development (SDG's).
  • Prevent land degradation due to abrasion (SDG's 15)
  • Reducing the impact of flooding on residential areas (SDG's 15
  • Increase green cover area (SDG's 15)
  • Help reduce carbon emissions (SDG's 13)
  • Improving the economy of farmers and local residents (SDG's 1)
  • Provide working hours for local residents (SDG's 8)

HOW TO DONATE?1. Click the “Donasi Sekarang” button2. Input the nominal amount to be donated3. Select the Bank transfer payment method (BNI, Mandiri, BCA, BRI, BNI bank transfers), Go-Pay, Doku Wallet, PayPal4. Confirm via WhatsApp, Website or E-mail5. Done.
You can also join the planting action by registering on the "Join Action" button, the costs will be borne by the participants
Salam Lestari!
Terakhir update 26 Sep 2023

Monitoring awal (Penanaman)

Pohon hidup : 178 Pohon mati : 0 Rata-rata tinggi pohon : 55 cm Diameter pohon : 1 cm Perkembangan Pohon : 100%

Pohon hidup : 178

Pohon mati : 0

Rata-rata tinggi pohon : 55 cm

Diameter pohon : 1 cm

Perkembangan Pohon : 100%

Monitoring awal (Penanaman)
Data dan Emisi/Serapan Carbon dapat berubah sesuai data update dan usia pohon


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serta mulia, asahi! semoga kita semua bisa jadi terang bagi dunia ☀️‼️


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Syaida Nur Amalia

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serta mulia asahi, semoga semakin banyak karya yang di keluarkan dan makin banyak yang mengenal asahi dan treasure


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semoga dapat membantu!


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