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One KLAYD One Tree


Pesisir Pengarengan , KABUPATEN CIREBON

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Jenis Pohon Tanam : Mangrove Rhizophora

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Batas Donasi: 31 Jan 2024

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Penanaman: Minggu, 31 Desember 2023

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Together We Make A Change!
Salam Lestari!
We are KLAYD, a fashion company. KLAYD wants to contribute more to preserving nature of Indonesia. Apart from contributing in terms of donations, the product materials that KLAYD uses are sustainable and eco-friendly products.

We want to invite KLAYD customers to participate in preserving nature together.

The amount of donation needed for tree-planting and tree care is:
IDR 25,000/tree.

The Pengarengan coast is in Cirebon Regency, West Java, which is adjacent to industry and ponds. One of the areas is a place where rubbish ends up, disrupting the ecosystem. A lot of planting needs to be done to maintain the ecosystem on the Pengarengan Coast. Abrasion and erosion continue to have an impact on this ecosystem. Several typical fauna in West Java, such as the Javanese Lekok, have been found there, which is an important requirement that this area needs to be protected. LindungiHutan helps the community to plant woody/fruit trees there. Mangrove trees are useful for protecting the land from abrasion by forming new sediment. Apart from that, mangrove products can also be used for processing businesses by local communities.

Main Program
Planting mangrove trees to prevent the expansion of abrasion and tidal floods.

Program Development Potential
Mangrove ecotourism
Center for waste control and utilization

Why Should You Support This Program?
Program participation at this location also supports Sustainable Development (SDG's)
Prevent land degradation due to abrasion (SDG's 15)
Reducing the impact of flooding on residential areas (SDG's 15)
Increase green cover area (SDG's 15)
Help reduce carbon emissions (SDG's 13)
Improving the economy of farmers and local residents (SDG's 1)
Provide working hours for local residents (SDG's 8)

How to Donate??
1. Click the “DONATE NOW” Button
2. Input the nominal amount to be donated
3. Select the Bank transfer payment method (BNI, Mandiri, BCA, BRI, BNI bank transfers), Go-Pay and Doku Wallet
4. Confirm via WhatsApp, Website or E-mail
5. Done

You can also join the planting action by registering at
“Join Action” button, expenses are charged by participants.
Salam Lestari !!
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