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Kolaborasi antara dan LindungiHutan aims to help tackle several environmental issues and help businesses to understand their carbon footprints, plan and monitor conservation and reforestation programs in making sure all are successful, measure the impact of each of the program (i.e. carbon absorption, water infiltration, air condition, and biodiversity), and offset their carbon emission or trade their carbon storage in our carbon exchange and marketplace. We encourage businesses and organizations to do well and do good. Together with LindungiHutan, initiated a tree planting nature campaign in 12 locations in Indonesia. This location is an area that requires sustainable greening, both on land and water. The 12 locations also experience problems of abrasion, tidal flooding, forest deforestation due to land use change, and even landslides. The threat of natural disasters has also hampered the local community's economy.'s collaboration with LindungiHutan is a real step in protecting the environment and natural ecosystems. baca selengkapnya

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